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Air Purifiers for Pet Owners: Relief from Allergies and Odors

Do you find pet fur all over the furniture and carpet at home? Many people who love being around their furry friends unfortunately experience symptoms like sneezing and itching when exposed to pet fur. But most people can't bear the thought of parting with their dog, cat, or rabbit...

Air purifiers can significantly help with providing relief from sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose associated with allergic reactions to pet hair. Most pet allergies are caused by the proteins found in pet saliva, sweat and dander. (skin flecks shed by furry friends). These tiny particles remain floating in the air when your pet itches or shakes himself.

Air purifiers do an excellent job at removing these particles floating in the air.  Look for an air purifier with a high clean air delivery rate (CADR), and choose a unit with the highest airflow you can find. This indicates how well the unit filters airbone pollutants and allergens.

In addition, air purifiers remove odors lingering in the air from your pets.  So, when you open the door to your dog's sleeping area, you aren't hit in the face with a blast of strange odors.