Air Purifiers and Chemicals


Chemical exposure can lead to unpleasant symptoms, which is why it is important to reduce the number of chemicals around you. If you are renovating your home, there may be chemicals from paint, new furniture, chemicals from dyes, and building materials lingering in the air.  If you work in an environment with heavy chemical exposure such as a laboratory or salon, there are many chemicals that can cause symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and itchy eyes.  Choosing an air purifier that is designed with a deep carbon filter is crucial in removing chemicals.  Carbon filters absorb the chemicals, and a deeper carbon filter provides more surface area for the air to pass through, and greater opportunity to remove the offending volatile organic compounds or toxic chemicals.

Here are our top recommendations for air purifiers for chemical exposure. Click on the title of the product to learn more:


Airpura C600 DLX

This deluxe air purifier brings together the power and reliability of Airpura machines with a special focus on targeting airborne chemicals. It is designed to absorb airborne chemicals, volatile organic compounds, and more. It leverages a strong HEPA filter with three-inches of carbon filter, making it ideal for treating air for those with sensitivities. This air purification system has one of the strongest chemical defenses on the market, making it an excellent choice for chemical sufferers. The C600 DLX has a high airflow rate so you can find relief quickly.


Airpura C600 Chemical and Gas Abatement

Airpura’s C600 for chemical and gas abatement is designed to offer quick relief for those in need. Not only does this system come equipped with a 3 inch powerful activated carbon filter to effectively remove chemicals from the air, but it also has a built-in tar barrier that is ideal for providing the most relief. Made with chemical sufferers as a focus, this model does an amazing job of bringing relief to a 2000 square foot area.


Airpura V600

The V600 brings together high-quality filtration with a focus on chemical reduction. This system is ideal for wildfires, as well as chemical exposure, making it an easy choice for those in need. With its powerful carbon filter and true HEPA filter, this incredible device is able to remove harmful chemicals and gases from an area of up to 2000 square feet. Its carbon filter has been specially treated to absorb chemicals, making it more effective than traditional systems.


Austin Air Healthmate Plus

With this all-purpose air purifier, you can find relief from a wide range of problematic airborne chemicals and more. This purifier has been made to purify air that has been contaminated with a wide range of sources. It effectively targets chemicals, smoke, viruses, bacteria, and other kinds of heavily polluted air. It brings together a medical-grade HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter to maximize on chemical reduction in an area. Offering support for up to 1500 square feet, it is a great all-purpose purifier that will promote clean air.


Enviroklenz Mobile Air

This mobile unit is made to make purifying air a breeze, regardless of where you want to place it. The mobile system was designed to fight a wide range of airborne contaminants including mold, chemicals, odors, and even viruses. It brings together a hospital-grade HEPA filter and a military-grade chemical removal technology to provide much cleaner air. Though it only supports 1000 square feet, it is perfect for cleaning the air around the home or office. With its low noise level and technology that has been designed to combat a wide range of contaminants, this is a device with many benefits.


For workplace environments, such as laboratories, facilities with heavy chemical use, or salons we recommend:


AllerAir Salon Pro 5 Plus Air Purifier

Featuring a hose to capture chemicals, odors and particles before they become airborne and circulate, this Salon Pro5 Plus Air Purifier effectively removes offending odors at the source. The air is then passed into the air purifier which contains a 3” activated carbon filter to effectively filter the air. In salons, there may be areas where chemicals are mixed for hair dyes or perms, or nail polish areas. Frequently customers and staff find the chemical smell unpleasant. This model features:

  • 3" deep activated carbon filter for chemicals, gases, odors and fumes
  • Super HEPA particle filter
  • Pre-filter for hair and larger particles 
  • 3" flexible capture hose


AllerAir Salon Pro 6 Ultra Air Purifier

For salons or work environments such as laboratories with heavy chemical exposure, this heavy-duty model offers the largest carbon filter in the salon series. It feature: 
  • 5" deep activated carbon filter for chemicals, gases, odors and fumes
  • Super HEPA particle filter
  • Pre-filter for hair and larger particles 
  • 3" flexible capture hose

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