Air Purifiers and Respiratory Conditions


Respiratory conditions can come with a wide range of unpleasant symptoms. Unfortunately, they are also very easy to exacerbate. Contaminants in the air can lead to respiratory conditions, but they can also cause them to flare up. For this reason, people with respiratory problems are in need of pure air to ensure that their condition does not worsen. More often than not, those with respiratory conditions turn to air purifiers to provide them with a safe and clean air supply that will not aggravate their condition. Choosing the right purifier can help to improve health for those in need.

What Common Respiratory Conditions Benefit from Air Purifiers?

Emphysema and chronic bronchitis come under the term of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It has become the fourth leading cause of death in united states and sometimes it can be asymptomatic. (meaning you will never know that if you are suffering from this disease unless you visit a doctor or severe symptoms appear).

COPD is a lung disease that can block airflow and restrict breathing. Structural alterations in lung result in chronic (more than 3 months) inflammation due to repeated exposure of noxious gases and particles such as cigarette smoke. This inflammation triggered by smoking can persist for many months resulting in narrowing of airways and reduction in lung recoil(1).

Most common symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are dyspnea, sputum, cough and it can even lead to respiratory failure(1).

Asthma is another most frequently occurring disease, “from a very mild, occasional wheeze to acute, life-threatening airway closure”. Additional features of asthma include hay fever and eczema(2-4).

Asthma leads to hospital admissions and places a great load on an individual due to medical expenditures. The characteristic finding of this disease is airway hyper-responsiveness triggered by numerous factors like exposure to inflammatory gases, tobacco smoke and particulate matter. If left untreated, asthma can be  fatal.

For this reason, air purifiers are important and can help to reduce unpleasant wheezing and coughing. Asthma is a condition that can vary in severity and results in difficulty breathing. It is known for its discomfort and is very easy to aggravate with poor air quality. Air purifiers can remove pet dander, allergens, and chemicals that would otherwise make asthma worse, or make sufferers more prone to asthma attacks.

 How air purifiers work, and why each air purifier is recommended for respiratory conditions.

An air purifier cleanses indoor air in several steps:

  • Contains a pre-filter that eliminates macro particles, such as pollen, dust and pet hair
  • A medical grade HEPA filter filters out “99.97% of fine airborne particles that are greater than 0.3 microns.
  • The deep-bed activated carbon filter adsorbs airborne odor, gases and chemicals.
  • These filters trap and attract chemicals like formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, benzene via their tiny fissures and pores.
  • Similarly, an activated carbon sponge surface is able to absorb more chemical compounds and gases. And this capacity of the sponge is highly depending upon sponge depth and size.
  • The absorbing power of an air purifier depends upon activated carbon presence.

Air purifiers eases breathing difficulties via provision of clean and pure air because your stressed-out airways do not have to undergo further stresses as air purifiers will clean and filter out chemicals and particulate matter from the air. However, the medical treatment is vital as your lungs and airway will already be damaged.

Similarly, in case of Asthma, air purifiers will prevent asthma attacks by removal of allergens, chemicals, pet dander, and smoke. Asthma attacks are mostly triggered by these things. That’s the basic reason for the application of air purifiers and further details about each purifier recommendation is explained with product descriptions as each purifier has different properties.

Additional tips for relief from Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

For Asthma

Asthma is trigger specific disease; it highly depends upon its cause. For example, if cigarette smoking, pet dander, rodents, cockroaches are the source, you need to avoid or eliminate these sources.

  • Don’t go outdoors, if air is polluted or there is smoke from cigarettes or wildfire
  • Keep your home clean, clean electronic devices, furniture etc. to prevent dust from accumulating
  • A Vacuum cleaner should be used to remove dust particles if available
  • If dust mites are the problem, use a mattress cover that aid in containing these dust mites or for removal.
  • Go for a skin allergy test, your doctor will determine which trigger is the root cause of wheezing. Try to avoid this allergen.
  • If smoking is the trigger, avoid the areas where people smoke.


  • The one of the simplest solutions for COPD is keep everything “clean, clean and clean”.
  • “Don’t allow smoking indoors at all,” zero smoking!
  • Maintain adequate ventilation in your kitchen
  • Minimize the use of carpets in your home
  • Avoid pets
  • Keep humidity level below 50 percent in your home. For this purpose, turn your bathroom fan on high.
  • Clean furniture and other surfaces regularly via using vinegar, lemon and methyl spirited liquids and combine this with boiling water.
  • Do not purchase products with volatile organic compounds. Before buying products, you should check the ingredient list.
  • Use your vacuum cleaner
  • While going outdoors use a N95 face mask, which prevents exposure to most small particles (usually up to 95 percent).

What triggers wheezing?

  • Formaldehyde is found in large number of products like cleaning agents, cosmetics, carpets, furniture and wallpaper. Research has shown that formaldehyde triggers wheezing symptom.
  • Volatile organic compounds including single and mixed components(5) and fragrances (6)can cause wheezing.
  • Greater Carbon dioxide exposure can also result in wheezing(5).
  • Excessive exposure with stoves, ovens, fireplaces and water heater containing nitrous oxide can also trigger wheezing.

The Best Air Purifiers for Respiratory Conditions

Choosing an air purifier with robust carbon filters to remove gases, chemicals and volatile organic compounds that irritate your lungs is important. Many air purifiers filter out gases like nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which is known for playing a role in coughing and wheezing. By removing this from the air, it is easier for sufferers to find relief. Many people do not realize how big of a role air quality can play.  In addition, HEPA filters are important for removing smaller particles floating in the air that can cause coughing and wheezing. 
Here are our recommendations for the best air purifiers for people with respiratory conditions. Click on the title of the product to learn more. 

Austin Air Bedroom Machine

The Bedroom Machine purifies air from germs to provide relief from respiratory conditions. It has been designed with a medical-grade HEPA filter in order to filter out dangerous airborne contaminants that would otherwise exacerbate your condition. Its compact design makes it ideal for being used in the bedroom and it can protect against viruses, bacteria, mold, smoke, and more. This clinically proven device can clean air for up to 1500 square feet and is designed to offer protection against biological, chemical, and nuclear agents. This is Austin Air’s most advanced machine.  With a five-layer filter, it has shown exceptional results in clinical trials, making it a popular choice for people with respiratory conditions.
It’s five layers of filters include:

  • Large Particle Pre-filter.
  • Medium Particle Pre-filter.
  • Over 780 cubic inches of Activated Carbon and Zeolite Removes chemicals, gases and odors
  • True Medical Grade HEPA. Removes 99.97% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns and 95% of all particles larger than 0.1 microns.
  • Military Grade HEGA Carbon Cloth. HEGA (High Efficiency Gas Arrestance), providing an extremely large surface area for adsorption of chemicals, gases, viruses and bacteria
  • A cost-effective product

Austin Air Healthmate Plus

The Healthmate Plus is a modified version of the original Health mate model and it offers users a lot. With this heavy-duty air purifier, you won’t ever have to worry about the quality of air in your home again. You can say goodbye to nights spent on coughing and wheezing. This easy to setup device is great for clearing a room full of contaminants. In fact, it is so strong that it can fight against wildfire smoke, chemicals, and other sources of heavy pollution even in schools. With support for up to 1500 square feet, it is a great system that delivers satisfactory results.  Currently, this device has been used by numerous dentists and no complaint was ever made.

  • Effectively removes 95% of bacteria and viruses of size 0.1 microns and above.
  • The best model for the purification of harmful chemicals and noxious gases.
  • Contains Heavy duty carbon filter with potassium and zeolite as compared to basic Healthmate® air filter, effective for removal of particles from dust, pollen volatile organic compounds and wildfire smoke.
  • Featuring designs for highly contaminated indoor air, this workhorse air purifier is built for challenging situations.
  • Money and time saver
  • Effectively removes 95% of bacteria and viruses of size 0.1 microns and above.
  • The best model for the purification of harmful chemicals and noxious gases.
  • Contains Heavy duty carbon filter with potassium and zeolite as compared to basic Healthmate® air filter, effective for removal of particles from dust, pollen volatile organic compounds and wildfire smoke.
  • Featuring designs for highly contaminated indoor air, this workhorse air purifier is built for challenging situations.
  • Money and time saver

AllerAir Air Medic Pro 5 Plus

The Air Medic Pro 5 Plus is a more advanced competitor of the traditional Pro 5. This device allows for UV lights, making it effective at targeting common causes of lung-related disease. It features a:

  • 3" deep activated carbon filter
  • Among the largest activated carbon filters available in a home unit
  • Super HEPA particle filter removes 99.99% of particles of 0.1 microns and larger.
  • Deep 3-inch carbon bed that reduces the symptoms like headache and dizziness
  • This device will protect you from harmful chemical exposure
  • Carbon has greater ability to absorb chemicals like volatile organic compounds, chemicals, cleaning agents, volatile organic compounds, like paints glue and fuels.
  •  Have Ultraviolet customization options for the neutralization of germs, especially for viruses and molds
  • A unique metal design and it is easy to disinfect.

Airpura V600

The Airpura V600 is a Canadian brand with a reputation for powerful carbon blends.  Its long-lasting filters keep your air in good order without the constant need to replace these filters. This is a great money-saving option and is made even better by the enhanced premium quality activated two-inch carbon filter. It features:

  • The powerful HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne particles, as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Ideal for workplaces and homes
  • Provides coverage up to 2000 square feet area.
  • Can protect against many different contaminants that might impact your lungs including mold, gases, chemicals, bacteria, and even odors.
  • Due to its efficient Hepa filtration, it has found highly beneficial against pet dander, pollen and molds.
  • Leakage free and available at affordable price
  • Works with a fan speed of 560 cubic feet per minute, can clean air more quickly and recycles air after every thirty minutes.
  • A Long-lasting product

Enviroklenz UV air purifier

The Enviroklenz UV air purifier is built using state of the art technology and delivers on some pretty exceptional claims. This air purifier was built for protection and can easily support you and your health against problematic agents that might compromise your lung health. With its commitment to removing smoke, chemicals, and gases, you can say goodbye to time spent wheezing or coughing. It even offers military-grade chemical removal technology to keep your air completely clean every step of the way. This machine is easy to use and performs incredibly well against biological agents like viruses and bacteria. Breathe easy and cough less with this capable air purifier!

  • It provides an extra layer of protection as UVC lamp technology, kills and inactivate germs responsible for causing respiratory diseases.
  • Recommended by medical and dental users as it offers protection against viruses and microorganism.
  • Makes breathing easier, reduces cough and sneezing
  • Noise free
  • Easy to operate and can be placed.


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